Theme of the trip

Local Gourmet

Blessed with seas and mountains. Rich in food, Kirin-no-machi is filled with happy taste. Introduce cuisines that you can not miss it.

Eat the finest beef hotpot “Shabu Shabu” at Tottori “Takumi Kappo” restaurant the origin of Japanese hotpot “Shabu Shabu”

Don’t miss to taste Tottori Wagyu – the best beef quality in Japan – as “Susugi nabe&# […]

A luxurious tourist farm where you can taste freshly picked fruit. Enjoy eating seasonal fruit as much as you like.

Autumn, the harvest season. There are many pear farms where visitors can pick and eat in Tottori. When it come […]

Best taste in summer, the milk of the sea: “Rock Oysters”

You should try rock oysters – the best summer food in Tottori! Bigger ones are 20cm in length and 1kg in […]

Enjoy the taste of San’in’s summer specialty: “White squid”

Don’t miss out on white squid if you are keen to try San’in’s summer taste! Local people can […]

Mountain vegetable cuisine Mitakien in Chizu, surrounded by forest and nature.

“Mountain vegetable cuisine Mitakien” located at Chizu cho, Tottori prefecture is heart of a mountain and surr […]

Chikuwa(tube-shaped fish paste cake) Making Experience at Kasumi Coast.

The area around Kasumi Beach, located in the center of San’in Kaigan Geo Park, boasts major fishing and […]

If you buy fresh local seafood in Tottori, “Tottori Harbor Seafood Market Karoichi”!

There are many seafood markets around Tottori Harbor. And Seafood Restaurants and Traditional Japanese innR […]

Supreme puffy and fluffy pancakes of Oenosato Natural Farm in Tottori, Cafe & Restaurant “Oenosato Resort”

Best within 10 minutes from the kitchen! Supreme puffy and fluffy pancake is only available at Oenosato. Panca […]