Tottori & Yumura! Best places in Summer.

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Fly Over the Tottori Sand Dunes! A Safe Paraglider Experience at Tottori Sand Dunes! A good old Japanese landscape. “Ojiro” village with a beautiful mountain scenery in the northwestern part of Hyogo prefecture. Eat the finest beef hotpot “Shabu Shabu” at Tottori “Takumi Kappo” restaurant the origin of Japanese hotpot “Shabu Shabu” Welcome to Hayabusa riders’s sacred place Hayabusa Station! Supreme puffy and fluffy pancakes of Oenosato Natural Farm in Tottori, Cafe & Restaurant “Oenosato Resort” If you buy fresh local seafood in Tottori, “Tottori Harbor Seafood Market Karoichi”! Take a stroll around “Chizu-shuku” in Tottori, historical post town reminiscent of the past. Strolling old townscape near the Wakasa Station in Tottori. Well preserved old wooden merchant’s houses “Kariya Dōri” & old warehouses “Kura Dōri” Yumura Hot Spring boasts the abundant quantity of high temperature hot spring. Please enjoy relaxing Japanese hot spring and steam cooking. Experience the World Of ‘Detective Conan’ in “Tottori Sand Dunes Conan Airport”! Shikano Castle Town in Tottori – Stroll around the quiet townscape of old town and enjoy the Cherry Blossoms at the ruins of Shikano Castle. Uradome Coast Sea Kayak and Clear Canoe Tour – boasting the highest transparency! Hachi Kita Kogen Ski Resort & Hachi Kita Highland seasonal activities! Mountain vegetable cuisine Mitakien in Chizu, surrounded by forest and nature. Highly recommend a stunningly beautiful scenery of Uradome Coast! Certified as San’in Kaigan UNESCO Global Geopark. Tottori Sand Dunes, The Sand Museum – overwhelming scale of sand sculptures. Things to Do in Tottori Sand Dunes, the Most popular sight seeing spot in Tottori Prefecture. Catch the Star in Tottori – Enjoy beautiful starry sky in the sky station Saji Astro Park!