Hachi Kita Kogen Ski Resort & Hachi Kita Highland seasonal activities!

  • Update:2020/03/05
  • Guide:Kirin-no-machi Tourism Bureau Association
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Hachi Kita Highland which can enjoy nature throughout four seasons.
In the spring and the summer, you can enjoy the outdoor activities in the auto camping site with fresh green and refreshing breeze!
In the autumn, there is a scenery of breathtakingly beautiful autumn leaves.
And in the winter, you can enjoy winter sports and snow play including super long course 4 km from the top of the Hachi mountain and various courses at Hachi Kita Highland Ski Resort.

Enjoy Hachi Kita Kogen Ski Resort and Hachikita Highland through the year.

Enjoy Hachi Kita Kogen Ski Resort and Hachikita Highland through the year.

Hachi Kita Kogen (Highlands) is located on the north side of Mt. Hachibuse(1,221m)
The observation from the top of the mountain is wonderful, and you can see Mt. Hyonosen in the south and Mt. Daisen in the far west.
Although Hachi Highlands is known for ski resorts in the winter, the nature surroundings including rare plants like the Zazenso (Skunk Cabbage) designed as the natural monument in Hyogo and other swamp plants specific to the highlands grow in abundance during the spring. And the summer season offers a vast array of outdoor activities for you to partake in, such as trekking, hiking. And autumn leaves colored highland in autumn. You can enjoy Hachi Kita Highlands through the year.


Name: Hachi kita Kogen
Contact: Hachi Kita Tourism Association
Official website: https://hachikita.jp/


580-1 Osasa, Muraoka-ku, Kami-cho, Mikata District, Hyogo, 667-1344

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