Continuing for 1,000 years, a steam-filled therapeutic hot spring town: “Yoshioka Onsen”

  • Update:2020/03/05
  • Guide:Kirin-no-machi Tourism Bureau Association
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This ancient hot spring has a history over 1,000 years, and was once frequented by Tottori’s ruling clan, Ikeda family.
It is located to the south of Koyama Pond in the mountains along Yoshioka River.
In June every year, “Yoshioka Onsen Firefly Festival” attracts many visitors here.
Koyama Pond, the biggest pond in Japan, is only a 5-minute drive away where you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of all four seasons.

Townscape with a traditional atmosphere

Townscape with a traditional atmosphere

This hot spring is said to have emerged over 1,000 years ago with a divine revelation from Yakushi Nyorai (Medicine Buddha).
The area flourished during the Edo Period, and remnants of that can still be felt in the village.
You will find many wooden square hot spring wells, and when you turn the faucet, hot water will come out.


Name: Yoshioka Onsen
Contact: Tottori Tourism & Convention Association
Business hours: 8:45~17:30
Official website:


Yoshioka Onsen-cho, Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture, 〒680-1442

ACCESS: [Car] From Tottori Station - 20min.

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