Travel back to Taisho Period “Chizu-shuku Haikara Ichi”

  • Update:2020/03/05
  • Guide:Kirin-no-machi Tourism Bureau Association
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Chizu-shuku Haikara Ichi is an event held with the concept, “stylish retro fashion in a nostalgic townscape”.
Many people come dressed in the stylish retro clothes of Taisho Period (around 1920).
Please experience the retro world of theTaisho Roman period.

Meiji・Taisho・Showa Periods: old townscape adorned with retro fashion and classic cars

People dressed in stylish retro clothes will be roaming around town showing off their prized classic cars.
Taking photos with these rare cars is one of the main attractions of this event.


Name: Chizu-shuku (whole district)
Contact: Chizu Town Tourist Association
Business hours: 9:00-18:00
Official website:


2067-1 Chizu, Chizu-cho, Yazu-gun, Tottori Prefecture, 〒689-1402

ACCESS: [JR Train] From Tottori Station get off at Chizu Station - 30min (limited express)
[Car] From Tottori Station - 40min (33km)

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